The Mushroom Miners

George Patterson, Owner Founder

Simply put, George, is a mushroom farmer with a purpose!   He recently graduated from the William and Mary St. Andrews Joint Degree Programme and wants to use his skills to contribute to the Great Appalachian Revival.  His real hope is to do something in life that makes him happy and to leave the world a better place than he found it.  George is from Charleston, WV and loves mushroom risotto.  

Sam Umstot

Sam Umstot is from Kanawha City, WV.  He has a mind to make Hernshaw Farms the most efficient farm out there.  He studies engineering at WVU Tech in Beckley and holds a degree in biology from WVU.  He enjoys playing with Steady the mushroom dog and loves the brain boost from Lion's Mane.

Donnie & Lisa Facemyer

Donnie and Lisa are wonderful people and embody what it means to be a hard-working West Virginian.  Donnie was a coal miner and now mines mushrooms.  He's a regular 'McGyver' around the farm, able to fix essentially everything.  Lisa is a mushroom block making queen, loving mother, and helps keep Farms moving in the right direction. Lisa makes a mean mushroom spaghetti

Steady Cleo Patterson

Steady Cleo Patterson is known for his friendliness.  He graduated from Hernshaw High  School and plans to be a mush-dog for the remainder of his life.  While his stomach does not agree with mushrooms, he has certainly tried them.

Founding Fathers

Those who helped Hernshaw Farms be what is to today 

Michael "Kush" Kushner

Michael is an experienced carpenter by trade.  His energy and general optimism are appreciated by all.  Michael was absolutely integral to the early success of Hernshaw Farms.  He will forever hold a spot on this page. Michael is from Mink Shoals and enjoys deep fried mushrooms.

Jacob Wade

Jacob Wade is our can do man.  He gives a shiitake every day. Jacob was there in the heat of August during our first summer.  He ensured the business was built. He wants to see Hernshaw continue as the mushroom capital of WV. Jacob is from Charleston and enjoys mushroom soup.