Beautiful, golden crisp, gourmet, and delicious dried mushrooms.  We feed our mushrooms with natural spring water giving them a unique flavor and texture sought after by many chefs.  Not only are they delicious, but everytime you buy our mushrooms you help us turn mineland to farmland.  This package can be rehydrated and used as fresh, or used as is in soups, broths, stews, stir frys, and so much more.    


Rehydrate in warm stock, wine, or water for 20 minutes. Then maybe add the mushroom broth to your dish.  

May contain Shiitake, Grey Oyster, Chestnut, Maitake, Golden Oyster, King Oyster, Lion's Mane and more!

We don't use any pesticides or chemicals and or mushrooms are 100% natural.  This is a 3 ounce package.

Gourmet Dried Medley of Mushrooms